Hubspot CRM x Salesforce x Pipedrive – Understand the Differences

When a company is promoted through blogs, podcasts, e-books, newsletters and social media, for example, it is using Inbound Marketing techniques in its dissemination and in prospecting new clients.

Currently, tools that assist in the measurement of your sales team, in the operational functions and in the organizational and results monitoring of Digital Marketing are extremely important. And that’s where Hubspot CRM, Salesforce and Pipedrive come in.

Hubspot CRM: reinforced by the pillars

The method of this tool is based on four pillars: attraction, conversion, approximation and enchantment. The attraction work of the clients happens with a system of qualified increase of the traffic of the site, employing diverse tactics of blogging, keywords, actions in social media and so on. Conversion work is done through specific call and persuasion devices, with calls to action, forms, landing pages, contact banks and webinars. The approach lends itself to lead scoring, automatic e-mailing, and periodic reporting to see if the marketing work has really been effective. Some of these instruments are also used in the enchantment phase, as is the case of call to action, in order to increase its effectiveness even more.

HubSpot allows you to complete your sales organization, your Inbound Marketing strategy and lead generation. Best of all: it works with very little data fed by the manager, doing almost all the work alone! Although the focus is on Inbound Marketing, this tool still does all the organizational work in a simply spectacular way. Definitely worth checking out!

The HubSpot platform unites HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot Sales into one place.

Salesforce: focus on organization

Salesforce allows you to sort contacts with custom channels, as well as a task organizer and an email server. Not to mention that it still organizes presentations and provides reports related to the most searched terms and SEO, thus allowing a well-done analysis of how and in which to work. Salesforce follows the pipeline and reports how fast sales conversions are occurring. It also offers the option of managing outbound actions such as the measurements of a call center, for example, in addition to tracking lead generation. After this process, it integrates generated leads working with SEO or Google AdWords campaigns, making the measurement to become even more qualified.

Pipedrive: in addition to the basic data record

Pipedrive has an interface that privileges the quick and detailed understanding of the important information and helps to have a notion of the pipeline in a flexible way, giving a generalized or detailed focus, according to the user’s need. The pipeline, which is a pipeline differential, helps you predict points to prioritize to improve results, as well as provide reports with detailed strategic information. Another advantage of this tool is that you can customize it the way you want, working in a less dispersed way. The application still links, has an e-mail server, is available to be operated through smartphones, and integrates with Google Apps and Maps. And best of all: it’s extremely easy to use!

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